FILM ANTHROPOLOGY is an online publication started by Filmmaker Eric Norcross.  FA started out originally as an indie film blog used to catalog his experiences as an independent filmmaker and media producer. The blog has since branched out to include filmmakers from all walks of life and other invited guest writers to expand the catalog of experiences and ideas that will help push independent film further into the 21st century.  Independent cinema in every city is tough and with the saturation of mass media and the dominance of Hollywood movie making, it’s getting a lot harder, especially on the business end.  Film Anthropology’s mission is to demystify the art, expand the boundaries of the business and keep the creation and exhibition of cinema accessible to all filmmakers.

FILM ANTROPOLOGY is home to FILMMAKER PROFILES, an online video series created to sponsor film festivals by producing short video featurettes comprised of interviews with officially selected filmmakers.

Eric Norcross

From Eric: A few things to know about me – I am obsessed with indie-film. Real indie film.

Me & Simon Mueller at Anthology for his premiere of “Fatalis”.

I spend an enormous amount of time watching films, writing and supporting the filmmakers in and around New York City.  I have been making films since I was in high school and had the fascination with cinema since I can remember. The story is typical – I saw some films that really stood out, probably some of the same one’s you admired and still do.  I started out producing short and medium length movies of scripts I had written in addition to producing PSA’s for the public access TV station back home.  I developed my skills when I moved to Vancouver, BC for a year between 2000 and 2001. In 2003 I relocated to New York City to go into business for myself as a multi-media producer. I currently make films, work with the NYC festival circuit and support my peers in their film-making endeavors.

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