DMW’s Future of Music Event – Coming Next Week!


DMW MusicOn February 20-21, Digital Media Wire (host to Future of TV and Future of Film) combines Digital Music Forum East and West into one large event simply named DMW Music. The event will be taking place at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Place, New York, NY. Film Anthropology will be in attendance of the event.

DMW Music still has open availability for music industry professionals interested in attending, along with 500+ of the most influential music and digital media leaders as they gather in Downtown New York to socialize, share ideas, do deals and learn about new technologies and services. This year’s event will be packed with great content, stellar people and a lot of companies that are new on the music-tech scene.

Register here: For FilmAnthropology subscriber discounts, e-mail info (at) norcrossmedia (dot) com.

Future of Television Conference East


FOTV 12This year I was in attendance of Future of Television East, which is an industry conference held at the Holocaust Museum in New York City.  This one day annual conference is comprised of various panel discussions featuring selected industry participants who discuss the current state of the television industry and work to predict where it’s headed.

My roll was to support NewFilmmmakers New York and enhance their presence at the event.  As their Media Director and Social Networking Ambassador, I thought it best to take professional quality photographs for archiving on their Flickr and Facebook accounts.  Although I wasn’t there as a photographer, it seemed to be the function I participated in for the most part.  Many of the photographers who were in attendance seemed to gravitate towards the type of shots that portrayed the conference as an epic event, so in response I chose to stay small, concentrating more on the people who were in attendance and trying to portray them as individual characters rather than a part of the larger mass. Although I did take a few wide shots with the intention of using them on this blog (both of which are featured on this page).

Future of Television EastMany of the images I created are close up head shots with expressions of people in deep thought or engaged in thought-provoking conversation.  It was important for me to convey a sense of on-going dialog between the people I photographed, or with one’s self.  I ran into so many different people from so many different sectors of the industry. From the freelance “media producer” whom I related to on just about ever level  to the studio executive who I found I had to swallow my pride just to keep quiet when it was clear we could not agree on topics such as copyright law.  The gamut of people who are impacted by the future of television is massive.  I can’t help but to remind all of you that the people in attendance is just a fraction of the people out there who should have been but weren’t for one reason or another. The discussions being held at the FOTV events are vital to the future of media, whether we’re referring to technical formats, the art and entertainment that is created or the various professional fields the term “media” encompasses, for producers large and small and all the trades that come in between concept to delivery, we all have a responsibility to guiding the future of television in a direction appropriate for both industry professionals and the consumers, without whom our industry wouldn’t exist. We’re responsible to the entire gamut of people affected by the future of television – because it is essentially the future of all media.

Please view all of my selected photos here:

You can view a raw set on the NewFilmmakers Flickr:

Eric Norcross | November 18, 2012