TMNT The Movie: Criterion Collection


Should the original live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film be a part of the Criterion Collection? In an article I wrote for Renegade Cinema, I make my case for why this should happen.

The original live action adaptation of the comic book property TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is one of the most original, dark and gritty children’s films I have ever experienced. I remember seeing it in the movie theater when I was a child growing up in Maine and to this day, no other kids movie has been able to top this one. Here is my reasoning for why Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) deserves the Criterion Treatment (or an equally thoughtful release).

Read the rest of the article here.

Caroline of Virginia – DVD Release


COV DVD CoverI am happy to announce that my award winning short film CAROLINE OF VIRGINIA has been released on a limited edition DVD and is available to order through The DVD includes cut scenes, an audio commentary with myself and a separate audio commentary with actress Lauren Meley and various video featurettes that allude to my intent in making the film and my reasoning for its existence.

Caroline of Virginia was and still is a landmark project film for me, personally.  It has been in the festival circuit since 2011 and been available for free viewing online for the past six months.  To see it go to DVD is a wonderful way to close out an era.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Thanks everyone for your support and I look forward to releasing more good news!


Help Out Your Fellow Filmmakers!


WTH Website HeaderToday, after coming back from a location scout for THE SPACESHIP, I dove into a relatively painful research project. Simple to some, I suppose, but learning how to correctly author a dual-layered dvd, playable on other machines, isn’t an easy feat for me.  In fact, I was sweating bullets on the first test burn because the blank discs are so expensive (a pack of 5 is $18.99 at Best Buy here in the city).

I used Mark Blackman’s film WELCOME TO HARLEM as the mechanism to navigate this learning curve.  Blackman is in need of a master disc to create duplicates off of, so he can distribute them at his festival screenings.  I think it’s important to help out other filmmakers where they may need it because they will in turn help you when you need their support for projects. Being a huge fan of Welcome to Harlem and in complete appreciation for what Blackman’s Block Productions had done in creating an indie musical comedy, it just made perfect sense to help them out this way.  This day and age so many filmmakers see one-another as rivals and not peers and my mission in the past couple of years has been to set an example in an attempt to change that.

Shaking off that mentality has given me an opportunity to pick up knowledge and networking opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been available had I subscribed to the usual mentality   With that said, the first test burn of the WELCOME TO HARLEM dvd has been a success and I’m stoked! Now for the challenge of integrating special features. Yikes!!!!!

For those in need of learning how to burn DL discs, check out these two websites that I found enormously helpful:

Of course it’s for DVD Studio Pro, so if you are using a different program some light research may be needed.


Caroline of Virginia DVD


Hey all,

Some news on the COV front!  A limited release of my award winning film Caroline of Virginia is in the works for the spring of 2013 (depending on whether or not we receive any new screening notices from festivals where we currently have open submissions).  The price will be the minimum mark-up that we can get away with as it’s more important that the film be shown than our ability to collect revenue from it.  To support this ideal, all revenue that does come in will be donated to a fund that will support deaf research.

The DVD will include the full movie (slightly abridged), audio commentary, cut scenes, behind the scenes/blooper reel, festival materials (video and stills) and a whole lot of other cool stuff.  Check back later for deets!