Lipstick Lies – Screening This Saturday!!!!


Hey all,

This is a friendly reminder that my new film will be screening this Saturday at the Tribeca Grand in lower Manhattan. Tix and location info at: -

Lipstick Lies is my follow up to Caroline of Virginia and is about a woman who wakes up on the last day of her honeymoon to find that her husband has disappeared, her ring is missing and she may have never had the relationship to begin with. It’s a drama/mystery with experimental and sci-fi elements.  This is the second of a trilogy of medium length films that feature strong female leads (all of whom wake up to a sudden change that will affect them for the rest of their lives).

About the venue:
The Tribeca Grand Hotel Screening Room is a state of the art screening room located in the basement level of the prestigious Tribeca Grand Hotel. The hotel runs the After Set Screening Series – a program of independent films, each and every week, as a partner of the Cannes Film Festival.
I hope you can make it!