Help Out Your Fellow Filmmakers!


WTH Website HeaderToday, after coming back from a location scout for THE SPACESHIP, I dove into a relatively painful research project. Simple to some, I suppose, but learning how to correctly author a dual-layered dvd, playable on other machines, isn’t an easy feat for me.  In fact, I was sweating bullets on the first test burn because the blank discs are so expensive (a pack of 5 is $18.99 at Best Buy here in the city).

I used Mark Blackman’s film WELCOME TO HARLEM as the mechanism to navigate this learning curve.  Blackman is in need of a master disc to create duplicates off of, so he can distribute them at his festival screenings.  I think it’s important to help out other filmmakers where they may need it because they will in turn help you when you need their support for projects. Being a huge fan of Welcome to Harlem and in complete appreciation for what Blackman’s Block Productions had done in creating an indie musical comedy, it just made perfect sense to help them out this way.  This day and age so many filmmakers see one-another as rivals and not peers and my mission in the past couple of years has been to set an example in an attempt to change that.

Shaking off that mentality has given me an opportunity to pick up knowledge and networking opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been available had I subscribed to the usual mentality   With that said, the first test burn of the WELCOME TO HARLEM dvd has been a success and I’m stoked! Now for the challenge of integrating special features. Yikes!!!!!

For those in need of learning how to burn DL discs, check out these two websites that I found enormously helpful:

Of course it’s for DVD Studio Pro, so if you are using a different program some light research may be needed.