50 Second Teaser | The Spaceship

Lauren Meley in The Spaceship

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Hey everybody,

It’s been a while since we’ve had a positive development with this film, but I’m happy to say the production diary will resume as things are picking. There will be a new crowdsourcing campaign soon, as well as the official one-sheet poster. Today, I am happy to announce the launch of our new 50 second teaser. I previously had made two teasers, but I was not happy with them and eventually pulled them. They didn’t tease anyone. This new one works and I’m going to let it sit and see how it’s received. I’ll include the link below, along with all the relevant social media links. Everyone from the film would greatly appreciate it if you could connect with us on TwitterFacebookYouTube & Vimeo and blast the trailer out to your friends and family. Indie film is a numbers game so we have to ask.

You can view the teaser here.

Thank you,

Eric, The Cast & The Crew of THE SPACESHIP