NFNY | Annual 9/11 Program


NF 9/11 Program | Photo from Wikipedia

Every year  before launching their fall series, NewFilmmakers New York hosts their annual 9/11 Film Program which features films and videos produced in memorial to the victims of the horrendous attacks on the cities of New York and Washington. This year NFNY featured a number of innovative and highly emotional works by some of the most talented filmmakers I’ve seen come through there (to date). Three of those filmmakers are featured in a new video featurette released today, that will put the 9/11 Program into the spotlight.

Alex Quade | HORSE SOLDIERS OF 9/11   Award winning filmmaker Alex Quade shows us the war America was fighting in Afghanistan before America even knew we were fighting a war there, in her documentary film Horse Soldiers of 9/11. Before US sent tanks, fighters and other 21st century technology to weed out the terrorist threat, they sent in the Green Berets, Special Forces, CIA Operatives and so forth – all riding horseback through the mountainous terrain, to get a hand up on the terrorist threat. The film ended up winning Alex the Edward R. Murrow Journalism Award. Congrats Alex!

Amy SternAmy Stern | THE LADY WHO MISSED HER TRAIN   Amy Stern directs a thought provoking documentary, The Lady Who Missed Her Train, on a woman who missed her Metro North train into the city on September 11th because of a dispute over a cup of coffee. This dispute ended up saving her life, because had she made her train she would have wound up a victim of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks. We’re taken back to the coffee shop, the Scarsdale train platform where she was left waiting and we have a one on one talking head style interview with her as she reflects back on that fateful day.

Jennifer GarganoJennifer Gargano | 8:46   I first became aware of Jennifer Gargano‘s film 8:46 at the 2012 Manhattan Film Festival, which I also participated in as a filmmaker. Unfortunately, for circumstances beyond my control, I had missed the screening there but was ecstatic when I found out it had also been programmed at NewFilmmakers for the 9/11 Program. The movie explores the daily life of various “regular” people the day before the terrorist attacks and a few of them on the day of. It includes a recreation of the events of September 11th from various points of view and is a fitting tribute to the people who’s lives were changed, or lost, on 9/11.

Check out the featurette with filmmaker interviews and clips from their films right here:

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