Lipstick Lies – World Premiere This Fall!

Lipstick Lies

Lipstick Lies

Greetings Earthlings!

My new mystery/sci-fi film Lipstick Lies will premiere on October 3, 2012 at the Anthology Film Archives as part of the NewFilmmakers New York screening series. The film stars New York theater actress Samantha Rivers Cole, actor Matthew Krob and supporting actors Katie Jergens, Bill Woods and Donna Ross.

We’ll be screening alongside great indie filmmakers (and films) like Kristina Harris and her film Diminished Chords, Mario Corry‘s Bologna and Lettuce, Joseph Marconi‘s Croton Falls, Matt August‘s phenomenal short How To Get To Candybar and a variety of other titles. This opening day for FallFest 2012 is sure to be a full event so be sure to arrive to Anthology early to ensure you get tickets! If this doesn’t push you to come to the show, then remember that tickets for NewFilmmakers New York are only $6 [us] and this covers you for the whole night. Two shorts programs and one feature. Short program number one is from 6pm to 7pm – five minute break and then short program two is 7:05 to 8pm. After another five minute break the feature film “Charlie and Me” by Gregg Lachow.

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Manhattan Film Festival – Media & Marketing


Academy Theater – 2012 Manhattan Film Festival.

I come baring really good news, some of which is still developing. I’ve just begun managing content for the Manhattan Film Festival‘s social networking sites. I have already started re-building their Facebook Page with new, fresh imagery to hold it up until a new theme is decided on for the next festival.  In addition I’ll be rolling out content – mostly general indie film related news and media.  I will branch out to other areas within the next few months. For the upcoming 7th Annual Manhattan Film Festival in June 2013, my goal is to at least double the amount of fans on the Facebook site and other MFF related sites and to do this the sites need to be active (even outside of the festival season).

One of the key ways I’m going to do this is to create a filmmaker alumni program where we can keep tabs on previous MFF Selected Films and promote other screenings, distribution progress etc.  If someone gets into another festival or picked up by a distributor or decides to self-publish, we’re going to help them promote their work in whatever regard they choose.  I think it’s important for festivals to follow up on the films that they have programmed in the past and keep tabs on the progress that their filmmakers are making in their respective careers.  As a filmmaker and a behind the scenes festival guy – I believe I have a good vantage of both sides by this point, to understand how this could work without exhausting the festival and how helpful this can be for the filmmaker.  It’s tough enough to go it alone as most of us do, to have the support of the festivals outside of the festival season, I suspect, will be rewarding for both parties.  In addition I’ve managed enough social media sites for myself and various clientele that I find I am quite confident behind the wheel in this regard.  I look forward to seeing how my ideas pan out.

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Nothing Without You – Festival Debut!


Xackery Irving’s new feature length film “Nothing Without You” debuted with the NewFilmmakers New York screening series this past week to a packed Maya Deren Theater, and closed with extended applause.

For those who missed the screening in New York, don’t fret – venture 10 hours north (via $1.00 Megabus), just across the boarder to the Toronto Independent Film Festival. The screening at Toronto is September 8, 2012 at 9:00pm.

Official Invite/Facebook Event:

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100th Filmmaker Profile!


Ladies and Gents – filmmakers of all sexes, creed, states, countries, and alien planets: I hereby present to you the 100th filmmaker profile for NewFilmmakers New York – going up a year from the time I began the filmmaker profile series. I have shot, edited and lead every single interview from the beginning.

Who gets the milestone 100? None other than famed filmmaker Chris Notarile of Blinky Productions – he talks about his film “Stand Off” and how he has achieved producing 200+ films in an eight year period! Remarkable!

Caroline of Virginia DVD


Hey all,

Some news on the COV front!  A limited release of my award winning film Caroline of Virginia is in the works for the spring of 2013 (depending on whether or not we receive any new screening notices from festivals where we currently have open submissions).  The price will be the minimum mark-up that we can get away with as it’s more important that the film be shown than our ability to collect revenue from it.  To support this ideal, all revenue that does come in will be donated to a fund that will support deaf research.

The DVD will include the full movie (slightly abridged), audio commentary, cut scenes, behind the scenes/blooper reel, festival materials (video and stills) and a whole lot of other cool stuff.  Check back later for deets!