Chris Marker Passes Away


Established French filmmaker Chris Marker passed away earlier today, one day after his 91st birthday – according to the French Cultural Ministry. Chris’ films include the experimental award winning short La Jetée (1962) from which the film Twelve Monkeys (1995) came from.  His use of still photographs is what inspired me to pursue the Steinway Street project.

Experimental filmmaker Jonas Mekas, one of the founders of the Anthology Film Archives, commented on Marker’s passing, saying (paraphrased) “The sad reality, is that due to the unavailablity of Marker’s films outside of France, very few of us had a chance to see their work in the Sixties, Seventies and even Eighties. I had many arguments with [him] about why [he] had made [it] so difficult/expensive to show [his] work outside of France, all to no avail. So Chris Marker’s work had no affect of any kind on the American avant-garde/independents. But this fact doesn’t diminish his importance as a filmmaker, working in the poetic, persenal, formal documentary genre.

I’ve embedded some of his films on this blog. Keep in mind I have no control over these videos so if they become disabled, it is what it is. Also check out Chris’ YouTube Channel for more material at:

La Jetee (1962)

San Soleil (1983)

YouTube and Stock Music


The following letter, which I’ve sent out this week, should be sufficient to settle this on-going snafu once and for all.

My Dearest YouTube,

My account is not in good standing due to a snafu with your content identification system and I would like to rectify it. My short film “Snow” has had multiple notices placed against it but multiple “copyright holders”. The bot needs to adjust to account for the possibility (and ultimate reality) that this is a piece of stock music, which multiple people have licenses for.

I have made every effort to submit this original film for revenue sharing and every time I do it gets flagged and a new “owner” comes up with a copyright claim. Every time I dispute it, the claim gets released.  This is because multiple people have the same license I have and they know they really don’t have a “claim”.

It needs to stop. My account is no longer in good standing because of this snafu and I need someone to fix it.  I rather like my YouTube account.

Eric Norcross

Filmmaker, Editor, Scientist

The SeeSaw | Response to Frank Langella


Frank Langella wrote an article for thew New York Times called “The Demon Seesaw Actors Ride“.  I really dug what he wrote because this doesn’t only apply to actors, it applies to a lot of artists in a lot of different art driven fields, and whilst I’m not an actor, I am a filmmaker constantly looking for clients to create media for and that whole seesaw bit he talks about – applies ten fold to the people on this side of the camera.  Living your life, not knowing whether you’ll keep getting work, uncertainty that what you’re doing will be relevant, so forth – I feel it and so does every filmmaker and multi-media producer I know.  

I think the acceptance of such a cutthroat system, is partially the problem with why the industry is the way it is.  I don’t believe that it has to be this way and I think people like Frank, who are quite powerful in the film and theater world, have the authority and name to change the system so people don’t convulse and shake to the brink of shatter as a result of their profession of choice.  Yes, some people are at risk of losing their ability to get work, but not Frank, who is so well established and a household name that he will always find something creative to be inolved in.  I think the actors he’s talking about were character actors – people you recognize but do not know their faces.  There are no protections for people like that and he and his peers of Oscar winners have the ability to put those protections into place.

Something you love shouldn’t require you to grow thick skin just so you can handle it on a professional level and I’m not about to tell you the problem without offering a solution. If you’re an actor and having trouble getting work, why not make the work for yourself? Find scrips that have roles for you and self-produce. Many successful actors work this way.

Direct Link URL to the NY Times Article:

The 2012 Art Of Brooklyn Film Festival


Hey everyone,

A film I took over editing on will be screening at the “Art of Brooklyn Film Festival” on August 9th. Check out the Facebook page for the film “Manipulation” directed by my friend and client Mario Corry. To sum up what I did: I changed the ending and switched out some shots that should never have been in there (they were out of focus!). Regardless, the film was good and now it’s great. Aesthetically and on a technical level – the storytelling is pristine.

View the trailer here:

Although I probably won’t make all of the screenings at the festival, I do have a festival wide pass and intend to use it to check out as many of the screenings as I can. I have many other friends in the festival and plan on supporting all of them (provided client work doesn’t interfere).

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival – schedule of events I plan to go to:


12:00 – 3:00PM

> Filmmakers Brunch – St. Francis College​

6:00 – 7:00PM

> Pre-Screening Reception – Callahan Gallery

6:00 – 7:00PM

> Pre-Screening Reception – Callahan Gallery



LOVE LIES & SEETA (Comedy/Drama, 110m, USA) / dir. Chandra Pemmaraju /BROOKLYN PREMIERE


6:00 -7:00PM

> Pre-Screening Reception – Callahan Gallery


> THE ARTISTS: Documentaries by and about artists / FOUNDERS HALL


HIP HOP HASSID (Doc, 26m, Italy) / dir. Francesca Pagani / WORLD PREMIERE​

~ Intermission~

MAS MAN – THE COMPLETE WORK (Doc, 89m, Trinidad and Tobago/USA) /

dir. Dalton Narine / N​YC PREMIERE​


​6:00 – 7:30PM

> Pre-Screening Reception – Callahan Gallery


​ROADMAP TO APARTHEID (Documentary, 95m, USA) / dir. Ana Nogueira /BROOKLYN PREMIERE​


6:00 – 7:00PM

> Pre-Screening Reception – Callahan Gallery


> BROOKLYN FOR LIFE: Filmmakers born and raised in the Best Borough

LOST AT HOME (Drama,17m, USA) / dir. Giovanni Alberti / BROOKLYN PREMIERE​

MANIPULATION (Drama,15m, USA) / dir. Mario Corry / WORLD PREMIERE​

​BEREAVEMENT (Drama, 13m, USA) / dir. Nelson Isava / WORLD PREMIERE​ ​


~ Intermission~

P.O.O.P. (Claymation, 5m, Brooklyn, Australia) / dir. Ben McCarthy /


MY HEART BELONGS TO YOU (Animation, 4m, USA / dir. Lev Polyakov / BROOKLYN PREMIERE​


THE ROMEOWS (Documentary, 58m, USA) / dir. Robert Sarnoff /


TRANSFERENCE LOVE (Drama, 10m/USA) / dir. by Sonya Goddy



MY LIFE AS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Comedy/Drama, 91m, USA) /  dir. Shari Berman /BROOKLYN PREMIERE​


> IT CAME FROM BROOKLYN: A night of drama, thrills and suspense

LOST CAUSES (Drama, 15m, USA) / dir. Joshua Barbour / BROOKLYN PREMIERE​

EASY STREET (Comedy/Drama, 24m, USA) / dir. Russell Greene / BROOKLYN PREMIERE​

PREDATOR/PREY (Horror/Drama, 12m, USA) / dir. by Kent Kitzman / BROOKLYN PREMIERE​

HELL GRACE (SciFi/Horror, 19m, USA) / dir. by Van Nguyen / W​ORLD PREMIERE​



> Awards Ceremony Founder Hall


> FREE SCREENING of all Award-Winning Films:

Best Feature

Best Short

Best Super Short

Best Feature Documentary

Best Short Documentary

Other Borough Award

Audience Choice

NewFilmmakers New York Promotional Video


Hey all,

So I completed the year long task of putting together a promotional video for NewFilmmakers New York. It took a year because it’s hard to predict when a showing at NewFilmmakers will draw a crowd or be a dud. When we’ll have all the right faces, the smiles and the glorious champagne bottles. Well, we have somewhat of an idea but there’s always a surprise, or some twist or what have you. So I came nearly every week for a year (give or take) and shot video of the events, interviews with the filmmkers (for the Filmmaker Profile series) and general b-roll of the Anthology Film Archives. I shot so much that I changed cameras mid-way through – selling my XH-A1 to a wedding video company so I could get a less expensive HDSLR and be more secretive with my filming (the last thing I wanted was more footage of people waving to the camera).

When I had acquired enough content, I started editing the promo for the New York series. It was a long process, a lot of switching out footage – leaving it alone for a couple of weeks and then going back to it.  It had to be right – both in timing and the tone of the piece.  After all, this is suppose to embody the entire series as it currently exists!

The main reason for my dedication to such a project is that the Los Angeles series has a promo before each of our blocks here in NYC and there’s a statement that one of the politicians says at the end of the LA video “Los Angeles, is the creative capitol of the world” – and it drives me fricken crazy because I have no doubt that New York exceeds LA a million fold when it comes to creativity and true dedication to the arts.  So this promo, will replace their promo at the New York screenings and now I no longer have to hear such ridiculous statements about LA being the creative capitol of the world. Enjoy!

Crowd Funding


In 9 days my funding effort for “The Spaceship” either passes or fails. At this point I’m pretty sure it will fail. Too many nay-sayers or people just outright ignoring this campaign. Crowd-funding is a numbers game and when 70% of your contacts don’t contribute or even repost the link – it’s doomed to fail. Which makes me wonder about some of my friends, but that’s a can of worms I’m not in the mood to open up.

I’ve scheduled The Spaceship’s Facebook page for deletion in 14 days – so there is a window to save this production. I’m rather disappointed that so many of my contacts didn’t jump on the opportunity to fund this film. For those of you that did, I really do truly appreciate the support and effort to get this film funded. Some people came out of the woodwork to pledge and I am surprised by who did and didn’t. People I know for a fact have no money to throw around were pledging substantial amounts and some of the millionaires I know, didn’t even send a response – it was ignore ignore ignore. And these were people I considered close friends!  Of course the real gut punch was when one person told me they pledged because they “knew” it would fail.

It’s a good example of “you never know” or “you can never tell”.  This campaign is also an example of how not-so-famous artists can’t get their projects crowd-sourced without a well off, generous family, the help of some celebrity or major media outlet or some other stroke of amazing luck.

So does crowd funding work for the average ass in the grass artist?  Not in my experience.  The only thing I can verify is that crowd sourcing destroys friendships.  But I think it’s better to know who truly supports your endeavors and who’s just along for the ride “just in case” something amazing happens.  Hmmm…

Music Video In Maine


I had a blast last week filming a music video in my hometown of Long Island, Maine. The project was pro-bono for my sister and an upcoming community festival she’s involved with. In addition I got to shooting b-roll of Portland and Boston before coming back to New York, for use in an upcoming client project.  Got a lot done in two days!

It was a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful. Below are some of the screengrabs of what I shot for the music video (all with an HDSLR).  No budget, no fancy gear.  All volunteers and it came out great!

Thanks for checking out the stills!