Coloring Part 2


Color Timing, Color Grading, Color Correction – whatever your process, whatever you call it – coloring in movies is extremely important. It can make or break your film. It enhances the tone of the story and the feelings of the characters. It is a subtle way of telling the viewer how he or she should feel.

Below is an example to show how important color grading is in the art of filmmaking. Coloring in itself is an art (as are most jobs on and off set). Just look at the comparison from a film called “Bologna & Lettuce” by Mario Corry (for which we’re handling all post-production on). The tone of the scene is supposed to emphasize¬†loneliness, cold,¬†homelessness… the raw footage was a wee bit too welcoming so I pulled down the reds and increased the blues. I brought down the luminosity and crushed the blacks. The screen grab speaks for itself. The screen grab tells the story and defines the character’s feelings.

Second part of the coloring grading entry from 2011 (also posted on the Norcross Media blog).