Walk of the City – A Visual Experiment


Walk of the City – A Visual Experiment

Experimental films have become a constant at Norcross Media – it helps us develop processes for new, innovative or re-imagined ideas for visual storytelling. Our spec videos can often be considered experimental to some degree but really what I’m “mostly” writing about is “Experimental Film”.

The latest is definitely my favorite by far – it’s called “Walk of the City”. It’s three minutes in length and no video was actually shot to make this. The DSLR camera I used to shoot this work has a continuous shooting feature. For the photography impaired, basically you hold down the trigger and the camera shoots non-stop, one picture after another until you let up.  It gives the movement a stop motion feel.  The short will screen at NewFilmmakers New York in April 2012 – check back here our on our Official Facebook for more updated info.

The film: (available in 1080p in YouTube player settings):