NewFilmmakers WinterFest Schedule

Radioman Doc

Radioman Doc

The WinterFest and weekly Winter Series for NewFilmmakers New York begins Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 and the lineup is legendary. One of the film’s Film Anthropology is most excited about is Mary Kerr‘s RADIOMAN documentary, which follows the life of famous NYC Film Mascot Craig “Radioman” Castaldo, who went from being homeless to a relatively famous and well connected union film actor.

The Facebook Event List for the winter screenings can be found at:, for anyone interested in attending any of the film screenings this winter. As usual, all related info is also available at

WinterFest 2013 | Day 1 Playlist

Courthouse Theater @ Anthology

6:00 PM First Short Film Program

anthony furlong POETICA (2012, 4 minutes)
When we think of poetry – sonnets, haiku’s and nursery rhymes naturally come to mind. However, when taken out of it’s literary context poetry becomes so much more. We can find it everywhere, surrounding us every day. It’s the beauty of a sunrise; the lau
Felix van Cleeff HET VIOLETTE UUR (2011, 17 minutes)
Two young lovers leave the modern city and all possessions behind to enter the wilderness,where they make love for the very last time.In the summer of 2011 24 year old independent Dutch film directorFelix van Cleeff and his minimal cast/crew went to the
Judianny Compres HAPPY NEW YEAR! (2012, 21 minutes)
The New Year comes and goes and the fireworks fade by dawn. But the sadness lasts forever.
Stiven Luka FISH WILL BITE (2012, 24 minutes)
A group of friends get involved in a series of incidents on their way to a gathering. Centered around the woods and set during the course of a single evening, the story veers from one beaten path to another.
7:15 PM Second Short Film Program

Rob Leshin ASH (2012, 17 Minutes, Video)
Two brothers walk into a bar … but only one might make it out alive.
Michael J Kirkland CHOICES (2012, 16 minutes)
An Emergency Room Pediatrician, Dr Ian Chance, struggles to cope with a tragedy he causes by hitting a little girl while driving intoxicated. Ian deals with the tragedy by choosing to forget and then changes his memories. He makes a choice to blame and t
Jakob Sacksofsky-Berck BUT NOT SO MUCH (2012, 22 minutes)
A story of sororal cyclicism
8:30 PM Feature Presentation

Mary Kerr RADIOMAN (2011, 79 minutes)
RADIOMAN is the story of an extraordinary eccentric, a formerly homeless man who over the years has become a New York film set mascot with over 100 small parts to his name. It’s the story of a man full of contradictions, of bitterness but also of hope.