NewFilmmakers New York 2011 Highlights


This year I had the honor of cutting together some highlights of the 2011 crop of films for the NewFilmmakers series. This video doesn’t even begin to shed light on the amount of films they’ve shown this past year but it’s a start. I began working with them late in the year so most of the films I was able to get my hands on screened between late August and late November. That’s a very small chunk. Next year I hope to do much better and include a wider gamut of the content the series shows.

Music: “Lipstick Warrior” by Annie Acton and Shan Kowert

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This is a short speed reel to highlight some of the films NFscreened in 2011. We couldn’t fit everything, so we apologize to the filmmakers whose footage didn’t make it into our 2011 highlights reel. Also, take into consideration that, realistically we can only include about 10% of the films we show, because we screen every single week. Also, keep in mind that we didn’t start this project until later in the year so many of the films we screened didn’t get set aside for this project.

Editor Eric Norcross

Song: “Lipstick Warrior”
by Annie Acton and Shan Kowert
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Hey everyone,

One of my latest productions,  currently still in principle photography mode is generating some buzz. Please check out a new article on our upcoming film “Lipstick Lies” at

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Author Liz Belilovskaya took an interest in the film after attending a screening of Caroline of Virginia at the Tribeca Grand in New York City. We very much appreciate the plug.