Tour America: Episode 3 – Mount Lee



From Norcross Media: Eric Norcross narrates the third episode of Tour America, and gives exact, detailed instructions on how to legally hike up Mount Lee and get as close to the Hollywood Sign as possible, without getting into trouble.





The map suggested is available through the Griffith Observatory and is printed by Cartifact (

Suggestions when hiking:

1. Bring LOTS of water.

2. Go as early in the morning as possible, as you don’t want to still be climbing the mountain at high noon, the sun in LA is immense and dehydration and burning can happen very quickly.

3. Go in the late fall or winter months, as the air is the most clear and exercising is the least harmful.

4. The Hollywood Sign is fenced in and criminal charges will be brought upon anyone who crosses the fenced property. There are park rangers roaming about the area and security guards occasionally pass in vehicles. Please be mindful of the law when hiking.

We are not responsible should you get lost or hurt during your hike.

Enjoy your hike in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles, California and let us know how it went by leaving us a comment!

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