Hero For A Day – Production Diary Entry #6


Written as part of a production diary in August 2002.

The premiere of Hero For A Day – along with Branden’s Long Island Project student film was a success.

Hero For A Day (2002)

Hero For A Day (2002)

I have never received a standing ovation before and to hear some of the people repeating the many one-liners from the movie was awe inspiring. This is truly a small town spectacle for the history books (of course it’s my movie so why wouldn’t I believe that). We projected the video on the deck of the Spar as planned and the place was packed. The projection was crystal clear and the sound quality complimented it nicely. The day I wrote the script seems decades ago. Hard to believe we’ve come this far. From almost getting arrested for filming the welcome sign at the Brunswick Naval Air Station to shooting the chase scene. This was an awesome project and I think I’m now completely out of my post-film school slump. The question is now, how do I move on? I think I know. Lisa invited me on a trip to New York this coming fall, I told her I was game. Would even contribute gas money. I’m looking forward to see whether or not it pans out. Until then, this production is closed.


-Publisher’s Note-

Hero For A Day is now available on DVD via Amazon.com, and includes two versions of the film, the original 2002 cut that premiered at the now defunct Spar Restaurant and the 2009 re-edit with a new score and sound design.

Pick it up at: http://www.amazon.com/Geistert-Norcross-Doughty-Lauren-MacVane/dp/B0029XFOKM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340629434&sr=8-1&keywords=hero+for+a+day+eric+norcross