Hero For A Day – Production Diary Entry #2


Written as part of a production diary in January 2002.

Last month I wrote a short script called Hero For A Day, with many locations in mind. The island is a good place to shoot a movie, at least in the winter. It is my opinion that there are only two good things about living on a secluded island: first and foremost, no one likes to be here when it’s cold so you have the ability to shoot anywhere you want, on any land you want and no one would know the better or be the wiser because… they’re not here.

Julie Geistert in Hero For A Day (2002)

Some of the places we’ve started shooting at are places like South Beach, where Julie videotapes a murder. Branden is helping me shoot it on his Sony TRV-900, a wonderful little camera that’s far better than anything the film school had. I am playing the bad guy – not that I feel I have any acting chops but I honestly can’t find anyone old enough that doesn’t look and talk like a damned fisherman. Everyone else is a year or two behind me, still in high school for the most part. Some of the peers from my own class are away at school or took jobs in town.

Sean Callen & Julie Geister in Hero For A Day (2002)

We also got a scene in the can where Julie hands the tape over to Sean. Sean has a good screen presence and I would hope that he’d pursue some sort of acting in the future, although that’s incredibly doubtful. He’s pretty set on going into the Marines, after all – it was for this very reason that he was the primary person I wrote the script for.

Last but not least we shot a scene in the old generator building. The great cinematic location on the island. It’s big, empty, dark, damp… dangerous. Everything you want in an action/thriller.
-Publisher’s Note-

Hero For A Day is now available on DVD via Amazon.com, and includes two versions of the film, the original 2002 cut that premiered at the now defunct Spar Restaurant and the 2009 re-edit with a new score and sound design.

Hero For A Day (2002)

Hero For A Day (2002)

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