Hero For A Day – Production Diary Entry #1


Written as part of a production diary that began in December 2001.

Hero For A Day is my first production since being back in Maine from my short stint in Vancouver. Vancouver is a nice town and I enjoyed my time living there, but my experience at (school name removed) wasn’t all it was supposed to be. In fact, I found the school itself to have been a gigantic waste of money. They should have come out and said: Go to school here and be taught by a bunch of disgruntled filmmakers who can’t get real directing work so they have to resort to teaching at this forth rate school. In addition, the entire program was a popularity contest, so your success isn’t “what you make of it” as they often say, but what your peers dictate. The instructors don’t want you to succeed (otherwise jealousy runs rampant). So now I’m back in Maine and bored out of my fricken mind.

I spent the summer mowing lawns for (name removed), who may have been ripping me off. I’m not sure. Something’s fishy about his payment policies and I may reconsider working for him next year (if I’m doomed to still be here). In addition, fucking 9/11 has everything all screwed up and so what better way to exhibit my feelings than by developing a government conspiracy flick? I finally got a script, about 15 odd pages with storyboards added into the scenes on the page. I’m flying high on cloud nine. I presented the script to Branden and the plan is to start shooting after the New Year. Hopefully it’ll take off.

-Publisher’s Note-

Hero For A Day is now available on DVD via Amazon.com, and includes two versions of the film, the original 2002 cut that premiered at the now defunct Spar Restaurant and the 2009 re-edit with a new score and sound design.

Hero For A Day (2002)

Hero For A Day (2002)

Pick it up at: http://www.amazon.com/Geistert-Norcross-Doughty-Lauren-MacVane/dp/B0029XFOKM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340629434&sr=8-1&keywords=hero+for+a+day+eric+norcross